American music sprang from the South.  Every note Britt Gully sings proves it!  Britt is a singer/songwriter from Cow Creek,  Mississippi.  He plays real country music...Rockabilly, Gospel, HonkyTonk-Twang and he will make you believe it all!  

He grew up listening to Jimmie, Hank and Waylon and has an innate feel for true American music. It's got to be real and it has to come from the soul.

For the last decade he's portrayed Jimmie Rodgers and sang his songs from New Orleans to New York and points in between to rave reviews. 

He recently recorded an album, Jimmie Rodgers' Guitar, using Jimmie's original 1927 Martin, that has garnered worldwide attention. 

Whether it's playing a solo acoustic show or tearing it up with a hard driving band, Britt's "play it like you mean it, take no prisoners" panache always leaves the crowd knowing they've heard something special.  

His musical talent is enhanced through his masterful storytelling, as he shares with his audience a wealth of facts, anecdotes and just plain good stories.  

Britt has a deep respect for the land, the music and the people who make it. "Genuine" is the perfect word for Britt and his homespun way, weaving his love for the songs, the romances, the drama and history into a musical performance that grips the heart.




Tour dates

Britt Gully & The Water Moccasins


Sat July 7, 2018 - Dixon Mills, AL

Britt Gully


SUN July 29, 2018 - Camargo, KY



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Music for the New South

by The Sucarnochee Revue

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Britt Gully

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News & Updates

Britt Gully does his impersonation of Jimmie Rodgers
Britt Gully pays tribute to Jimmie Rodgers and The Bristol Sessions of 1927 with his rendition of Alfred Karnes, "I am Bound for the Promised Land". Britt plays Jimmie's original 0045 Martin guitar in the Jimmie Rodgers Museum located in Meridian, MS which is the birthplace of Jimmie Rodgers.

The Porch Sessions Britt Gully Part One 'Whiskey Hauler'

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