A Cowboy in England

Our English excursion turned out great!  The Maverick Festival is quite an event! American music is alive and well in the UK.  We met a lot of good folks...heard and played a lot of good music.  We told the story of the birthplace of American music and of Jimmie Rodgers.  

My first performance was in London at the Maverick Traveling Medicine Show at Noshville; American music and American food.  

I appeared on several radio shows:  Tony Moore with Soho Radio London, Stephen Foster's show on the BBC Suffolk and with Richard Leader on FM Meridian in East Grinstead. 


I am pleased that so many folks in the UK love and play our kind of music and some have already made plans to come to Mississippi!

Looking forward to the second tour! 



American music is alive and well in the UK...

Maverick Festival is in it's ninth year.  It's held in a beautiful old farm in the Suffolk countryside. 

Friday night I presided over the tribute to Jimmie Rodgers.  A dozen or so acts performed their renditions of Jimmie Rodgers'  songs; mighty good stuff. 

Saturday I played a set on the Moonshine Stage; mostly homemade tunes and Mississippi music. Itook off on a tangent or two ranging from Procol Harum to Marty Robbins! 

Sunday's show was an eclectic set that had the crowd singing along to Got My Mojo Workin' and I Saw The Light. 

We told the story of the birthplace of American music and of Jimmie Rodgers.

Meridian Little Theatre's production of Jimmie Rodgers : America's Blue Yodeler

Jimmie Rodgers:  America's Blue Yodeler closed with high praise and a packed house at Meridian Little Theatre.  It was Britt's first full production stage play and he acts as good as he sings!   It tells the story of Jimmie Rodgers and his alter ego /conscience Hobo Bill and how Jimmie's love for the blues led him to become the Father of American music.  Britt and Vasti Jackson (Hobo Bill) come to us from a musical background and show us they have acting chops as well.  

Britt, as Jimmie, never left the stage and had the audience shouting for more.  The music was glorious and the ensemble cast performed flawlessly. 

Look for more to come!